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Welcome to Refan Saudi Arabia

Chairman Message

The vast development and remarkable expansion of the projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia require necessarily maintenance and operation with skilled labor capable of running these entities effectively and efficiently.

Based on that, we decided to provide a full range of services that meet market needs and provide added value to our customers through training and attracting talent people who is capable to carrying this task competently.

Since we established REFAN OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE , we realized that the quality and outstanding performance is the key factor in competition and market survive.

We proud that we manage and perform projects across the KSA with more than 1,000 employees including for example projects with ministries, hospitals, universities and airports.

In conclusion, our history and achievement certificates is an indicator of our success, thousand miles began by the first step, now we’re listed as the largest 50 Saudi company, and with God’s help we promise our customers always more and provide more than their expectations.