Company Activity:

Refan Company for operation and maintenance provides operation and maintenance services (general cleaning and maintenance, security and guard, school transport, school subsistence services) under the supervision of supervisors with a high efficiency in all its activities.



The broad spectrum of O&M services it offers are an ideal example of the level of service that all Refan customers have come to expect.

Our diverse service line gives us the luxury of reaching all types of client needs. And that’s just what we strive to do fulfill the unique needs of every single client in an efficient manner that makes life easier for them.

The REFAN OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE service line includes the following:


  1. Operations and Maintenance of Air Navigation Systems.
  2. Operations and Maintenance of Sea Ports.
  3. Full operation of comprehensive medical facilities.
  4. Medical and Non-medical Maintenance.
  5. General Contracting.
  6. School transport works
  7. Security guards works
  8. Electrical works.
  9. Mechanical works.
  10. Water and sanitation works.
  11. Cleaning works.
  12. Provision of full operational guidance and maintenance services (mechanical, electrical, contracting, etc.) for industrial-sized facilities, including:


  • Public buildings & facilities.
  • Military buildings & facilities
  • University buildings & facilities.